Drawing Time Lapse Videos

Here are some Time Lapse videos I made that show my drawing. 

Get deep inside my braiiinnnn and get an idea of how I tackle things when I’m creating. 
Check it out and see if it helps you with your drawing. 

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YouTube Links

Video 1 
Video 2


YouTube Time!

Hello Everyone!


Today I have launched a youtube video showcasing a hands on view of my most famous case. It is the Floral iPhone Case that we sell on our website. Check this link Floral Case.

This is our top selling item and for any ladies or men out there who likes a good floral case.

This case will definitely get your beak wet. It’s thin and protective. I know of someone who is currently using this case and it has gone through tons of drops and scratches.

Check out our channel at DrawnByB YouTube. Only one video so far but much more will come.

Our shop is located at: DrawnByB- Etsy Store