Time Lapse Drawing with the iPhone 7 Plus using 3D Touch

So yesterday I had a new test. 

3D Touch

So Apple has this feature that in their iPhones since the iPhone 6S. That feature is called 3D Touch.

Won’t go into too much details but, it allows you to apply pressure to the screen with your finger and the screen can register how much pressure you are applying. 

Autodesk Sketchbook

So with Autodesk sketchbook app for the iPhone you can apply pressure with your finger and control the stroke size. 

This was such a cool feature that I found. I don’t know how this will pan out for everyday drawing but just trying this out was really fun. 


Check out my video trying out the app with only my finger and utilizing the 3D Touch feature in the iPhone 7 Plus. 


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Rough Animation Part 2


When not thinking of new animation ideas I make animations.

Making a new animation and I figured I could show my process and the progress that I make while finishing this project.

Next I plan to add way more details to my animation and add a few frames here and there and make the animation as smooth as possible.

I hope to make a little mini series out of this.

YouTube Animations


Our YouTube channel will not only host videos of our products but will also post Animations.

Today a rough rough rough rough, can’t stress how rough this animation is. But, it is super rough.

My recent project is to try and animate on it as much as I can in the next week. Weekly projects will be posted on the YouTube channel.

Check out the recent rough Here.

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