Art Work Station

My workbench.

Before I have gone through several laptops and galaxy note tablets trying to get the perfect workstation.


In 2013 I found the best working station for my amount of money.

So I grabbed a surface pro. Yeah, the very first one from 2013. It had been holding up well for photoshop tasks and processing animations.


Although there are some limitations.

Hard drive space is lacking on the 64gb. I have only 4 adobe suite products installed and auto desk sketchbook.

To compensate for the lack of storage I save all files on a 64gb SD card.

Cloud storage through adobe Creative Cloud also helps keep all of your work backed up and accessible through all of your devices. You could use any cloud service for that like google drive or Dropbox. I use them all.

Still performs like a beast.

Basic operations re performed easily.

The CPU loads up so fast!

Even till this day the load times are very good. I can open an application in seconds thanks to the solid state drive.


Great device for simple tasks. Great for basic drawing and painting applications. Adobe flash doesn’t hold get held back because of it.

When you get into intense layering in photoshop or in illustrator u may run some problems.

I have not done any 3D animation. But I eleven when I did a high powered PC would struggle with processing animations in a reasonable amount of time. So I’m sure the surface would lag.
If your budget is very small go ahead and pick one up. You can find one easily on amazon. Just follow this link:

If your budget is higher. Go ahead and buy the latest and greatest surface pro 4 or the surface book. You won’t have any issues with those. You can find them on the link below.

Surface pro 4

Surface Book