Custom Phone Cases

6bd84424-46b0-4a12-8d3f-aa853b55c3a9Send your personalized design today, we print your design on the case of your choice, and ship your case within 3 business days of your order with tracking.

Come order your personalized case now!

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If you order from our website please send an email with the attached photo that you want for your personal case.



iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus cases with the Rising Sun

Double the good news today!

We can now print our designs on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus cases!

Also, we are releasing the Risign sun design!

I have always loved the rising sun design. Always wanted to put it on a case. So, here we go!

Comes pick up your Galaxy S or iPhone case today!

Etsy Store 

1 + 1 – Redone!!!


I released a shirt a week or two ago that looked exactly like this:


I Like it, but, I wanted to do more than just throw the pattern from my phone cases and my larger prints on to the shirt.

I wanted to interact more with the actual shirt.

So i thought of placing the hands above the heart, where your heart would probably be, and then fill in the rest. And it came out like this.



Future designs will be more like this. When I say “more like this,” it means that all patterns and designs will be more of a variation when you see it on different products.

This shirt currently only comes in red, but, I will be uploading more colors throughout the night and the rest of the week.

Come pick up your shirt today!

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First Blog Post

First BlogPost_01.png

Obviously this is the first post on this blog. But I am currently running a blog over at the main website over at DrawnByB.

Will have two spots to check these blogs out. Going to test the water and see how this whole thing works out.

This blog isn’t going anywhere so stay tuned because more products are coming.

YouTube Animations


Our YouTube channel will not only host videos of our products but will also post Animations.

Today a rough rough rough rough, can’t stress how rough this animation is. But, it is super rough.

My recent project is to try and animate on it as much as I can in the next week. Weekly projects will be posted on the YouTube channel.

Check out the recent rough Here.

For all videos always refer to my YouTube Channel. We will try and keep them off of the store.

Rising Star T-Shirt in Stock!

Our new shirt designs was releases on our Etsy Store – DrawnByB and on our website at DrawnByB.

Love this shirt. I like the simplicity and the color scheme. I will definitely be wearing one.  

Here is a little bit about the fabric:

  • 100% polyester construction

  • Durable rib neckband
  • Fabric weight: 4.5 oz/yd² (153 g/m²)

  • 30 singles thread weight

  • Unisex
  • Made in the USA

New design created and designed by DrawnByB

Sketchy Art

So I have been doing a lot of cleaning up in my drawing but I hate to say it. I believe drawing look really good sketchy. 

Haha but I suck at cleaning up lines. So I’m completely but biased. 

YouTube Time!

Hello Everyone!


Today I have launched a youtube video showcasing a hands on view of my most famous case. It is the Floral iPhone Case that we sell on our website. Check this link Floral Case.

This is our top selling item and for any ladies or men out there who likes a good floral case.

This case will definitely get your beak wet. It’s thin and protective. I know of someone who is currently using this case and it has gone through tons of drops and scratches.

Check out our channel at DrawnByB YouTube. Only one video so far but much more will come.

Our shop is located at: DrawnByB- Etsy Store