1 + 1 – A Poster & T-Shirt Design

My latest design is called 1 + 1. By looking at it you can tell what the 1 + 1 means.

While designing this piece I didn’t know what product that I could actually print it on.

I’m still deciding what other items that this item will come on.

So, come by the stores and pick up your T-Shirt at our Etsy Store – T- Shirt or if you want to try our online store then click over to this link DrawnByB – T-Shirt.

Follow these links for your own personal print for your room or wherever you want to put it:

 DrawnByB – Poster

Etsy Store – Poster


New Posters in Stock – Drive Slow

I have just uploaded a new poster to our Etsy Store and our personal Website.


Was on a walk in Berkeley California and was just out taking pictures.

A couple of days later I was just browsing through some of my pictures and I saw this one. It didn’t look like this in the beginning. I did a little bit of editing and came up with this.

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Framed Poster

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Framed Poster