Custom Phone Cases

6bd84424-46b0-4a12-8d3f-aa853b55c3a9Send your personalized design today, we print your design on the case of your choice, and ship your case within 3 business days of your order with tracking.

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New iPhone and Galaxy Phone Cases

phone-case_iphone 6_6s_back_mockup.png

What do I call my new creation? Paint That Shit Gold.

Here is a new edition to my phone cases for our Stores on Etsy and Online Store

I am experimenting with some different types of designs. Some patterns, Paint Strokes, and just about anything else.

I want to be a better designer so that my products will give a very premium look.

This case is 100% plastic and very durable. I have seen people with my cases taking a really good beating. So if you are a dropper you will be safe with this case.

Although the tops and bottoms of the phone is exposed, you are safe everywhere else.

When you order your phone it will take 3 days to be created and then immediately shipped to your residence.

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