Background struggle


I hate to admit it but, backgrounds are a major weakness of mine  i always put them off so much.

So as a task i will begin to work on better backgrounds  i believe with better backgrounds will come with better products for my store.

Worst case scenario i could always find someone I could collab with.

So stay tuned and hope i can conquer backgrounds


Lolipop – Rough


First stage of my drawing.

I have created the character and the next stage will be blocking in the scenery.

I don’t usually add too much scenery to most of my drawings so this time I’m really going to focus on it.

Pinterest will be one of my best friends for a bit until I finish my project.

This will allow me to increase the quality of my store so that I can sell a better product.

So that will be a big part of this project this time.

Sketches of the Day

Two sketches that I finished today. Deciding if they can make it on one of my designs for a product release. 

This is kind of my process of making designs for a product. 

I just sketch out random Images. And the ones I like the most get to be on a product. Wasnt always like that. 

First, when I created a store, i just drew to sell. Anything I made I would release. Of course the results weren’t the best. So now I just draw until something works. 

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Sketchers Block

So yeah…that’s all the drawing I have done today. I plan on getting this done today.
It has been a real damn struggle to try and find time to draw. Haha so maybe I may draw a random ass picture or maybe I may draw about the day. Who knows what the hell I am going to end up with. Well, in my pursuit to draw every god damn day….stay tuned and may I will have that empty canvas on sketchbook filled out.