New Posters in Stock – Drive Slow

I have just uploaded a new poster to our Etsy Store and our personal Website.


Was on a walk in Berkeley California and was just out taking pictures.

A couple of days later I was just browsing through some of my pictures and I saw this one. It didn’t look like this in the beginning. I did a little bit of editing and came up with this.

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Framed Poster

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Framed Poster


New iPhone and Galaxy Phone Cases

phone-case_iphone 6_6s_back_mockup.png

What do I call my new creation? Paint That Shit Gold.

Here is a new edition to my phone cases for our Stores on Etsy and Online Store

I am experimenting with some different types of designs. Some patterns, Paint Strokes, and just about anything else.

I want to be a better designer so that my products will give a very premium look.

This case is 100% plastic and very durable. I have seen people with my cases taking a really good beating. So if you are a dropper you will be safe with this case.

Although the tops and bottoms of the phone is exposed, you are safe everywhere else.

When you order your phone it will take 3 days to be created and then immediately shipped to your residence.

Order yours today!

Witch Project 

Here we go the first couple of stages of the Halloween project. 

There are a couple more pieces I plan to release by days end to my Etsy shop and online store. 
This was all accomplished while using my thumbs on my smartphone using Autodesk sketchbook. 

Haven’t tried it yet? Download now and start creating whatever you want right on your phone 

Come check out the current stores:

DrawnByB Etsy Store


Halloween Items coming

Late to the game?

Yes, I’m super late to the holloween items. But I shall definite have some shirts and cases up by the end of the week. 

Stay tuned! 

Will also add some more time lapse videos in the next upcoming week. 


Time Lapse Drawing with the iPhone 7 Plus using 3D Touch

So yesterday I had a new test. 

3D Touch

So Apple has this feature that in their iPhones since the iPhone 6S. That feature is called 3D Touch.

Won’t go into too much details but, it allows you to apply pressure to the screen with your finger and the screen can register how much pressure you are applying. 

Autodesk Sketchbook

So with Autodesk sketchbook app for the iPhone you can apply pressure with your finger and control the stroke size. 

This was such a cool feature that I found. I don’t know how this will pan out for everyday drawing but just trying this out was really fun. 


Check out my video trying out the app with only my finger and utilizing the 3D Touch feature in the iPhone 7 Plus. 


Check out the store at DrawnByB

Or check our Etsy store at DrawnByB Etsy Store

Background struggle


I hate to admit it but, backgrounds are a major weakness of mine  i always put them off so much.

So as a task i will begin to work on better backgrounds  i believe with better backgrounds will come with better products for my store.

Worst case scenario i could always find someone I could collab with.

So stay tuned and hope i can conquer backgrounds

Art Work Station

My workbench.

Before I have gone through several laptops and galaxy note tablets trying to get the perfect workstation.


In 2013 I found the best working station for my amount of money.

So I grabbed a surface pro. Yeah, the very first one from 2013. It had been holding up well for photoshop tasks and processing animations.


Although there are some limitations.

Hard drive space is lacking on the 64gb. I have only 4 adobe suite products installed and auto desk sketchbook.

To compensate for the lack of storage I save all files on a 64gb SD card.

Cloud storage through adobe Creative Cloud also helps keep all of your work backed up and accessible through all of your devices. You could use any cloud service for that like google drive or Dropbox. I use them all.

Still performs like a beast.

Basic operations re performed easily.

The CPU loads up so fast!

Even till this day the load times are very good. I can open an application in seconds thanks to the solid state drive.


Great device for simple tasks. Great for basic drawing and painting applications. Adobe flash doesn’t hold get held back because of it.

When you get into intense layering in photoshop or in illustrator u may run some problems.

I have not done any 3D animation. But I eleven when I did a high powered PC would struggle with processing animations in a reasonable amount of time. So I’m sure the surface would lag.
If your budget is very small go ahead and pick one up. You can find one easily on amazon. Just follow this link:

If your budget is higher. Go ahead and buy the latest and greatest surface pro 4 or the surface book. You won’t have any issues with those. You can find them on the link below.

Surface pro 4

Surface Book