Website Up and Running

Screenshot (4).png


The Website is up and running! So happy to get it up and running.

Check our website at DrawnByB.

Have been kind of sitting on this and yesterday I just pumped out as much as I possibly could. In the end I got this.

Needs some more refining and adding to some more items to the store.

There are a lot more that can be added to the store.

If you want our entire collection check us at DrawnByB – Etsy Store.

Stay tuned!


YouTube Time!

Hello Everyone!


Today I have launched a youtube video showcasing a hands on view of my most famous case. It is the Floral iPhone Case that we sell on our website. Check this link Floral Case.

This is our top selling item and for any ladies or men out there who likes a good floral case.

This case will definitely get your beak wet. It’s thin and protective. I know of someone who is currently using this case and it has gone through tons of drops and scratches.

Check out our channel at DrawnByB YouTube. Only one video so far but much more will come.

Our shop is located at: DrawnByB- Etsy Store




Hello New Designs!

Hello All!


So I have been working up a few new designs.


I have released this on to my store at :

We have the first two on our store. They can only be purchased as posters for now. Phone Cases ,Stickers and more will come by the beginning of next month.

Our last photo will release as a rough edition first. The clean edition will come out this week too.